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უსიცოცხლო ( ქართულად ) / usicocxlo ( qartulad ) / Nefes Nefese2018

In Berlin, her father Ayaz Kiran lives a quiet life. Ruya finds out that her mother, whom she has never seen one day, is in Syria. The only way to enter the occupied congregation for Ruya, which learns that her mother is alive, is to make a fake marriage with Boran. Until that day, Ruya, who is not separated from the bottom of her father's index, puts her head on this dangerous journey. And the way crosses Yusuf, who returned home for the first time in six years. While searching for his mother in Syria, he finds himself in a crowded family and a different adventure in Antakya. The chief architect of the dangerous adventure she falls into is her father, nicknamed Atmaca, who never knew the direction of darkness.
უსიცოცხლო ( ქართულად ) / usicocxlo ( qartulad ) / Nefes Nefese2018
32 სერია
წელი: 2018
ქვეყანა: თურქეთი
დრო: 29 წუთი
რეჟისორი: აიდინ ბულუტი, უგურ იუჯელი
როლებში: შუქრუ ოზილდიზი, მელისა სენოლსუნი, უგურ იუსელი, ეზგი სენლერი, ქანერ შაჰინი, გულჩინ სანტირჩიოღლუ
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